Overwatch Playing Cards IRL!!

We unbox the Overwatch Playing Cards deck and show you every card! Overwatch added playing cards as sprays to the game for the anniversary event and then made them into an actual deck of cards! In the video we look at the box, the cardback art and each Overwatch card. Here is the breakdown:

A=Soldier, 9=Orisa, 10=Zarya, J=McCree, Q=Sombra, K=Zenyatta

A=Tracer, 9=Symmetra, 10=Mei, J=Lucio, Q=Pharah, K=Hanzo

A=Reaper, 9=Doomfist, 10=Bastion, J=Genji, Q=Mercy, K=Torbjorn

A=Ana, 9=Moira, 10=D.Va, J=Winston, Q=Widowmaker, K=Reinhardt

Roadhog and Junkrat

Not featured:
Ashe (and BOB), Brigitte, Wrecking Ball

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