MLP 🌠 Harmony Quest – ALL ponies FULL Walkthrough (sometimes boosted:-)

In this video you will see the best moments in Harmony Quest ipad game. I have boosted the speed of the “not too interesting” parts.
(sorry for Fluttershy was underused…)

Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling minions descend on Ponyville in MY LITTLE PONY: HARMONY QUEST. They capture ponies in cocoons and smash a magical stained glass window. They also steal the Elements of Harmony, shatter them, and scatter them over Equestria. Six ponies are charged with saving the kingdom. The free app includes Pinky Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Apple Jack. To complete the mission, kids must purchase Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. For each piece of the window or Element of Harmony, kids chase a Changeling, clearing obstacles and fighting the Changelings as they progress. Sometimes they break a cocoon to set a pony free. Each level requires two or more ponies. Once kids complete a number of levels, they’ll get missions involving four ponies in areas of the map that are not unlocked, so they’ll have to quit playing or buy more content to continue.

Though this brand usually features some positive messages, this is a repetitive, somewhat violent experience that requires little thought or skill and can’t be completed without in-app purchases. Kids are given a mind-numbing chase through Equestria, tapping on a button to run, tapping on other buttons to bypass obstacles, and often flinging rocks and other objects at enemies. About 25 percent of the way into the experience, kids are no longer able progress through the story without in-app purchases, making this a demo app masquerading as a free app. Young kids who are big fans may just enjoy seeing their favorite characters, but older kids and adults will quickly see through the magic. Users have few opportunities to make decisions, no customization, and no way to make the experience their own. Parents may want to bypass this one for better offerings by the brand.


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