Little Panda's Jewel Quest Android Gameplay

Download For Android :

Travel to an ancient magical world and embark on an amazing adventure!
Download [Kiki and Miumiu’s Jewel Quest], to begin your journey with KiKi and Miumiu through this mystical world.
For this quest you’ll need your courage and your mind!

The bad witch has destroyed everything! Find the mysterious mythical creatures and collect their five jewels in order to defeat the witch and restore peace and balance to the earth!
Complete each level to collect what you’ll need to free the mythical creatures who have been trapped by the witch’s magic!

Game content:
1. Equip cool weapons and awesome armor as you embark on this adventure!
2. Learn about shapes as you go on your jewel-seeking quest!
3. It’s fun to use brain power!
4. Become a brave warrior and help the five mythical creatures!

Product characteristics:
1. Train thinking skills during the game!
2. Different levels of difficulty allow for younger children to enjoy playing!
3. Gameplay is easy to master!

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