'Hot Summer Nights' Official Trailer (2018) | Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe

Watch the official trailer for coming of age summer tale “Hot Summer Nights” starring Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Alex Roe, Maia Mitchell, William Fichtner and Thomas Jane. Directed by Elijah Bynum.

Release Date: July 27th, 2018

Plot Summary
A teen winds up in over his head while dealing drugs with a rebellious partner and chasing the young man’s enigmatic sister during one scorching summer in Cape Cod, Mass.

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    Hey Person July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • Anygirl want friendship?😍😍😍😍

    CrizyTech July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • Timothee chamlamet and Karen furkhara as Ikaros and Tomoki heaven's Lost Propety live action movie features a witch slektia the witch played by Megan Fox

    Axel Rodríguez July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • Alex roe😍😍😍

    Zhaiyra Miles Ong July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • wow😍😍

    Aba Khesoh July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • ❤️ Timothy Chamalet ❤️

    Novo Eduardo AC July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • great actor in a shitty movie

    JC July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • superb actor….

    Afzal Rahman July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • This guy is everywhere!!! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

    nileyfan1998 July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply
  • Superb actor!

    rafael alberto July 18, 2020 5:46 am Reply

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