Foxcraft! | Dogcraft (Ep.338)

Intro and endscreen by Mélody! Follow her:

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Dogcraft mods: Copious Dogs, Doggy Talents, Extra Biomes XL, Decocraft, Mark’s Cat Textures, Baby Animals, Squickens, Rudoplays Shaders, The Camping Mod, Fairy Lights, Extra Mobs, Key Grip, Pumpkin Carvier, Wild Mobs

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StacyPlays (Stacy Hinojosa) is a kid-friendly Minecraft channel that started in 2013. Stacy lives in Utah with her dogs, Page, Molly and Polly and her two cats, Milquetoast and Pipsqueak – all rescues.

🦊🐶 Page and Molly love you… go rescue a dog! 🐾



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