Social clubs

  • on August 19, 2019

Social clubs

Social clubs give people a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and start making time for the things they really enjoy in life! There are many benefits by listing your club on – you will be able to grow your members because more people in your area will be able to find information about news and events of your club. It doesn’t cost anything to join (you can even make money when people visit your social club’s page and view your club’s events)!Read these Frequently Asked Questions about listing your social club, sports club or other type of club with


Q: What is the Social Club Hub?A: The social club hub is about getting out, meeting people, making new friends and participating in fun activities.  The social club hub is not a dating web site.Q: Is the Social Club Hub a place to grow my membership?A: Yes, when users join the they are looking for a specific hobby or interest.  Your club may be just that hobby or interest they are looking for.Q: Can my Club expect to have potential new members attend a club event as a Guest?A: Yes, when your Club joins the Social Club Hub website our members are directed to your events and activities through the calendar of events.  Guests are welcome at all Social Club events, subject to your Club’s rules, and Club leaders should be expecting new members if the potential member clicks the “attend”  button on the events page.Q: Can my Club expect guests to join our Club?A: Club leaders will be made aware that a potential new member may want to join and therefore may want to be available to discuss membership at their events.Q: Why should my Club become a member?So your Club can meet new people with an interest in your Club.  When a member joins they select areas of interest and your Club may meet that interest.Q: What does it cost for my Club to become a member?A: Membership is free.Q: What types of Clubs are allowed to join the Social Club Hub?A: All social clubs are screened by a Social Club Hub Advisory Board.  All clubs must meet the standards set by the Social Club Hub Advisory Board. Q: Can my Club make money from being listed on the Social Club Hub website?A: Yes, your Club can make money by participating in the Club Sponsorship Pay-Per-Click program.Q: Does the Social Club Hub have a place for me to post my Club’s events and activities?A: Yes, by joining the Social Club Hub your Club can post upcoming events, past events, share information and ideas, post pictures, communicate to your members or share information and ideas with other similar social clubs.Q: What is in this for my Club’s membership?A: Club members get all your Club information and can perform all Club needs in one place with ease of use.  All of your Club’s news, upcoming events, activities, club history and photos can be found on one site.  Further, they receive deals and discounts not available to non-members.If your club is interested in joining this network of social clubs you can join right here on our website by clicking the button below “Join Now – Clubs Only”, or Contact Us for more information or queries!


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