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FlexiSPY’s SMS tracker for iPhone and Android allows users to monitor and view all SMS messages sent or received by the target device – even if the text messages are deleted.

This video shows how to use FlexiSPY’s SMS Tracker for iPhone and Android. Parents ask, ‘How can I monitor my childs text messages to make sure they are safe,’ and employers ask, ‘How can I ensure my employees are not sharing confidential information?’ SMS tracking provides the answers to these questions.

Download FlexiSPY’s SMS tracker for iPhone and Android at

How does SMS Tracking work?
• Install FlexiSPY monitoring software onto the target device.
• SMS tracking begins working immediately as FlexiSPY monitors the iPhone or Android phone’s activity.
• The data is then sent to your online portal where you can conveniently view all details of the text message

For more information:

With our SMS tracker for iPhone and Android you will receive the best in SMS tracking capabilities. Our SMS tracker allows you to:
• Monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages
• View names and phone numbers of each sender and recipient
• Set up SMS keywords alerts
• See both date and time stamps for every text

No other SMS tracker apps offer the same premium service or long list of 150+ features that comes with FlexiSPY. Why not take advantage of SMS tracking with the best monitoring software on the market?


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